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Swagbucks is the best platform to make money by watching videos online. It has a range of videos: news, movies, sports and brand video ads. With this platform, your earning opportunity is higher than other similar sites. You can use Swagbucks’s apps or website to get points. Swagbucks is one of the most popular money-making mobile app available. As a get-paid-to site, it pays you to answer short surveys, watch entertaining videos, play games, browse the internet, shop online, and more on your phone.

Wouldn’t it be great to earn money while staying home and doing almost nothing?


There are some ways of earning cash by doing virtually nothing. For instance, you can watch ads for money.

Yes, you can get paid for watching ads, promotional cuts, and other video content. Americans are already exposed to on average 4,000 to 10,000 ads per day. So, when we are already used to watching so many ads, why not try to convert it into a paid activity?

Watching ads for money won’t make you rich. However, it can be a fun way to make money from your home without having to do too much. Plus, anyone can do it.

Watching Ads for Money

Here, we’re going to list 13 apps or websites where you can watch ads for money. Keep in mind that the amount of money per ad or minute/hour varies from platform to platform and is subjected to several terms and conditions.

1. Inbox Dollars ($5 signup bonus)

How much you can earn: 0.05$ to 0.25$ per ad

Inbox Dollars is a site that allows you to earn money in a lot of different ways, like taking paid online surveys and watching ads and other video content. When you become a member at Inbox Dollars, you get an instant $5 bonus just for signing up.

The platform asks you to watch videos for scratchcards that are worth various amounts, starting from $0.025. Full-time members of Inbox Dollars are likely to earn more. In any case, the more content you watch, the more you can earn. Inbox Dollars is a legitimate platform, and, as of now, it has paid its members an amount north of $60 million.

InboxDollars - Earn Money from Surveys and Other Easy Tasks

Earn cash easily in your spare time by taking simple online surveys, watching videos, playing games, printing coupons, and more. Plus, you'll get a $5 bonus when you sign up today.

2. Swagbucks ($5 signup bonus)

How much you can earn: Up to $90 per month

Swagbucks is considered one of the leading websites for earning money by doing the simplest of the tasks. It has paid more than $360 million to its members since its launch. The platform now has a dedicated section Swagbucks Video where you can earn up to $90 in a month just by watching videos for a certain amount of time every day.

Besides video, you can also make money by filling in surveys, browsing the internet, and even playing video games. Like Inbox Dollars, Swagbucks also offers a $5 bonus upon registration. This reward platform enjoys a good reputation. It has been assigned an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau.

With all of the different ways to make money, Swagbucks is one of the highest-paying apps.

Swagbucks - Easily Earn Extra Money in Your Spare Time

Sign up for a Swagbucks account and make money (and other rewards) by taking simple online surveys, watching videos, playing games, installing apps, and more. Sign up through this link for a $5 bonus!

3. MyPoints ($10 signup bonus)

How much you can earn: $3.4 per playlist per day

MyPoints is a partner with Swagbucks and has a similar reward-and-redeem system in place. You can complete surveys, play games, shop online, make referrals, discover content, and watch videos to earn MyPoints that are redeemable in many ways. You can convert them in gift cards and discount coupons for a list of retailers and store chains across the US. Or simply, you can cash them out via PayPal.

The registration incentive of MyPoints is pretty impressive. Upon signing up with the platform, you get a straight $10 gift card. You can choose this gift card for either Amazon or your VISA card.

MyPoints - Cash Back and Rewards
Earn cash back from purchases at thousands of online retailers and earn rewards for simple tasks like taking online surveys, watching videos, and printing coupons. Sign up for MyPoints now for a $10 bonus!

4. iRazoo

How much you can earn: $1 per day

iRazoo helps companies with consumer input. You can provide this input by filling surveys, surfing the web, playing games, and watching videos. The best thing about iRazoo’s video watching experience is that you get to see content from across the spectrum covering all sorts of topics and niches.

iRazoo has more than 50 channels of video content for you where you can spend some time and collect points to redeem them as gift cards or cash. 3,000 iRazoo points are worth $5 reward.

Want to find a higher-paying way to use your extra time? Starting a blog can not only allow you to earn some cash in your spare time, but it could also turn into a full-time income. See How to Start a Blog for step-by-step instructions.

5. CashCrate

How much you can earn: $1.20 per hour

CashCrate is an online platform where you can make a handsome amount of money just by watching videos and filling out surveys. The website works across the US and offers its rewards in points that can be cashed out eventually.

You can join CashCrate via email. You can also make your CashCrate account with your Facebook profile.

6. InstaGC

How much you can earn: $2-5 per day

You earn points when you watch videos, test products, and services, and fill surveys provided by InstaGC. Like the majority of the get-paid-for websites, this one also offers its rewards primarily through gift cards. You can use these reward points at a host of online and offline retailers. To this day, InstaGC has redeemed more than 1.2 million cards.

You can also redeem your points in cash. 100 InstaGC points equal to $1. Joining InstaGC is pretty easy. Besides its own signup program, you can become an InstaGC member through your Facebook or Twitter account.

7. Quick Rewards

How much you can earn: $0.01 per ad

Quick Reward is another website that doles out rewards for carrying out simple tasks. You can watch videos, fill surveys, or shop online to become a part of its reward program. To get paid for watching ads on Quick Reward, you are to register with the site.

Usually, this get-paid-to site offers 25 Quick points (its own reward currency) on every single video. The website has a section of “how-to” video where you can get 50 Quick Points per video (25 QP= $0.01). The payout system of Quick Rewards is pretty good. You can cash out your reward within 24 hours via PayPal. You also have the option to redeem them in the form of gift cards.

Another easy and fun way to make some extra money is to use the Mistplay and Lucktastic apps and get paid to play games!

8. AppNana

How much you can earn: $1-3 per day

AppNana is an Android and iOS app where you can earn reward points in many ways. This app is essentially a platform for many other mobile apps and video games. You play and test these apps and games, watch their videos, and earn Nanas (reward points).

A drawback of AppNana is that you can’t cash out those reward points. The app only allows you to redeem them in terms of Xbox, Google Play, iTunes, and Amazon Gift cards. Nonetheless, it is not a bad deal, especially if you already spend on those platforms. AppNana has given $10 million in those gift cards so far.

9. Slidejoy

How much you can earn: $0.50 per day

Slidejoy is a unique mobile app that lets you earn money just by unlocking your screen. Slidejoy works for brands and does their promotion that involves sending out news and promotions to its members. So, when you register on Slidejoy, you get a promotional screen many times a day upon unlocking your mobile screen.

You earn “carats” by doing this simplest of tasks. These carats are redeemable in the cash form. Also, you can ask for payouts as small as $2.

For more creative money-making ideas, see:

10. AppTrailers

How much you can earn: $1 per day

If you like to pass your free time by catching up on news and gossip and watching new movie trailers, you will like AppTrailers. This mobile app lets you make and save money by watching ads and entertainment videos. You can take quizzes and play games to earn the app’s reward points.

1,000 rewards points at AppTrailers are equivalent to $1. You can redeem that in the form of cash as well as gift cards. For now, AppTrailers is only available for iOS devices, which means you can only use it on the iPhone and iPad.

11. SuccessBux

How much you can earn money: 10 cents per day

If you like to kill time on the internet while participating in contests, testing new services, and watching promotional stuff, you may like SuccessBux because it also pays you some money for doing all of that. You can also earn by referring the website to your friends and family. Once your reward reaches $1, you can cash it out via PayPal.

12. You-Cubez

How much you can earn: Up to $3 per day

You-Cubez is another new entry in the get-reward-for sector. You have to visit websites, watch videos, and fill surveys to earn You-Cubez reward points. In a short time, You-Cubez has managed to amass nearly 500,000 members. It has paid $20,000 to its members so far, and there is no fixed minimum payout amount at You-Cubez.

However, senior members are eligible to get minimum cash payouts. An impressive bit about You-Cubez is that it gives 15% commission to every member of each successful referral.

13. CreationsRewards

How much you can earn: $0.1-0.5 per hour

CreationsRewards is another website that offers a reward for doing simple online tasks, like visiting websites, answering surveys, and watching videos. You can redeem these reward points in two ways, i.e., either in the form of Amazon and Walmart gift cards or cash via PayPal.

The platform also gives a $5 gift upon registration. To use CreationsRewards points, you need to make sure you are earning 5,000 points within 60 days of the registration.


Watching ads for money can’t be your main hustle. However, it is not a bad option to earn some extra bucks in time that you are just trying to pass anyway. Making money is just one part of improving your financial outlook, and you can also look into different perspectives for tips on how to manage your money.

Also, if you are at home and don’t have much to do, there is no harm in spending some extra hours on those platforms to earn gift cards and cash.

The apps and websites we have discussed here are legitimate. They already have thousands of members and a track record of payouts. You won’t become a millionaire by watching ads, but you could make $200 – $300 a month if you find the right company.

Before we sign off, it is important to mention that every platform has different standards for giving reward points. One platform may be offering a double reward for spending the same amount of time or doing the same tasks in comparison to any other platform. So, choose your platforms after doing some research and comparisons.

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Up until now, you might have thought that the only way to make money from movies or TV is to have a job in the movie or TV industry.

That’s not the case, although doing what we suggest here is probably not going to amount to a full-time income, but merely some extra cash.

Yes, you can get paid money for watching movies or TV, and, usually, doing something extra such as reporting on it.

It’s not very easy to get one of these positions, but if it’s going to pay you to sit in front of a screen (which you’re probably doing a lot of the time anyway) then it’s worth having a try.

You get paid for doing something that helps someone else out, whether it’s for a market research company or for an advertising agency.

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The following are some of the opportunities you can find online.

1. Get Paid to Watch YouTube Videos

Paid2YouTube is a site that pays you for watching YouTube videos.

The only downside is that you have to be addicted to YouTube videos, as each one you watch only pays half a cent. As an hourly rate, that’s not very good, but if you were going to watch the videos anyway, what the heck?

You can earn a bit more by contributing in the ratings, adding comments to the videos, and referring other people.

2. Earn Points with Viggle

Viggle will pay you, in points, to listen to music and to watch TV shows. You can download this as an app on android and Apple devices.

How to make money watching youtube

Once you have enough points you can redeem for rewards such as gift cards, music downloads, and more. Viggle users have reportedly earned over $19 million in rewards so far.

3. Watch Netflix For Money

The jobs don’t come up very often, but Netflix has openings from time to time for people to watch their movies and shows and make sure they are categorized properly.

Netflix call these people “taggers”.

The hours will be long, but watching the shows is in all likelihood what you were going to do in any case.

Look for openings on the Netflix job board.

4. Get Paid to Watch TV Commercials

If you register on HitBliss.com, when you watch TV shows, movies, and ads you earn cash – that is you “earn cash”, as the cash you earn can only be spent in the HitBliss store to rent movies, and is not paid out in money.

Nevertheless, it saves you having to spend to rent the latest movies, so it keeps money in your pocket.

5. Get Paid $8/hr to Watch TV as a Professional TV Watcher

You can be paid as a job to watch television.

You have to be more than a couch potato, though.

Professional TV watchers do things like watch different shows and identify clips that can be used in other programs such as “The Daily Show” or in the news programs. These clips must encapsulate the point that is being made.

The amount you get can vary a lot. Jimmy Kimmel’s show used to offer $500 – $600 a week back in 2005.

A job posting on EntertainmentCareers said that the starting pay would be $8 per hour, and that those who were employed would need to pay close attention to details. You can read more about it on InvestoPedia.

Another website you can look at is WorkInEntertainment.com, another industry site, or you can look at the general job boards and search for the keywords “TV watcher”.

6. Get Paid to Play TV Trivia Games

Update: Unfortunately, RewardTV has shut down after 14 years.

You can watch what you like, and then find questions about it on RewardTV.

The website offers you trivia questions on all manner of programs, and by answering these you can earn rewards points.

As with the other websites, points can be redeemed for gift cards, cash, or other things. And every day you play you get an automatic entry into a $10,000 sweepstakes.

This is a great website to visit with friends, because then you can test each other on your own favorite programs, or all join together to try and get a perfect score. And all the time you are racking up points on your account, while enjoying yourself!

7. Get Paid to Watch Movie Trailers & Commercials

Unlike some of the other programs, in this case they are really interested in your opinions, and not just wanting you to log in hours and hours of viewing.

You can get paid to watch movie trailers, as the research companies help movie companies figure out which trailers work best before they are put out for publicity.

Another type of video is advertising for food and other products. Once again, the market research companies want to find out which adverts will work, and appreciate feedback from the public, for which they will pay.

Some of the market research companies you can check out are:

8. Enter to Win a Scholarship

CableTV.com is currently running a promotion that allows you to win $1000 for school by watching TV.

It is interested in getting photos of you watching TV in your favorite place, and wants you to write an essay describing why you chose that place, as well as detailing what show you’re watching and on what device.

These scholarship opportunities are offered at regular intervals, so if you are interested and there’s nothing on at the moment make sure you bookmark the site and come back at intervals to check on the next promotion.

9. Become a Part of Nielsen Family

As you probably know, Nielsen is a respected company that tracks the viewing habits and provides ratings for TV programs.

Reportedly Nielsen is increasing the number of families who take part in its surveys, so you might be lucky.

The families get paid for their opinions, and also influence what gets shown on TV.

The trouble is you can’t simply apply. Nielsen put it like this, “We cannot ask every home to participate, so we carefully select a sample of homes in your community to represent the entire TV audience. To be statistically accurate, it is essential that our samples be randomly selected. Every household in the US has a chance of being selected, no matter where it is located.”

So as long as you’re included in “every household”, then there’s hope.

10. You Cubez

You Cubez, at you-cubez.com, is an advertising agency. They offer advertisers guaranteed views of their websites, for which the advertisers pay. So they need people who will view the websites.

You can sign up with them to view websites, complete online surveys, and watch videos, and you get paid a portion of the fees that they are paid.

If you introduce friends to the website, you will get paid extra.

11. SwagBucks

SwagBucks offers another easy way to earn a little cash.

You can get free gift cards for watching videos, taking surveys, playing games, searching the web, or even for shopping online.

It’s free to join and offers gift cards to many popular stores.

There is also an option for you to receive money back through PayPal, and the site has sweepstakes where you can win gift cards, a PlayStation, or other things.

12. QuickRewards

QuickRewards is for UK, US, and Canadian viewers, and by now you probably have a good idea how it works.

Yes, you watch videos, fill out surveys, play games, etc. and earn rewards.

The rewards will be paid out on PayPal or with credits to Amazon, Walmart, or Disney.

13. Earn Cash for Viewing Ads on Successbux

It’s probably struck you by now that you have to do a lot before you can receive any reward with these programs.

In which case, let me introduce Successbux.

With this program you can look at videos and adverts for rewards, and you will soon be cashing in. That’s because it has the very low threshold of $1.10 before you can get the money sent to your PayPal account – most other programs require you to earn $10 or more before they will pay out.

14. Get Paid to Watch Ads on Your Phone

Slide Joy is an app for your phone, which allows you to earn money with very little effort.

It works by taking over your phone’s home screen, littering it with ads and/or news stories. When you want to use your phone, you simply slide to the right and get on with your business.

If you’re interested in the ad, then you slide to the left and find out more details.

That’s really all there is to it.

Whether you slide to the left or slide to the right, your account still gets credited with points. Build up the number of points, and you can ask for a payout to PayPal.

15. App Nana

App Nana is another rewards program in the form of an app for your phone, this one rewards you with points, or “Nanas” for doing various things, such as trying out new apps, playing games, or looking at advertisements.

Your Nanas can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards, things from the iTunes store, paid apps or paid games.

16. Creations Rewards

Creations Rewards is another site for earning gift cards doing things you probably already do.

In addition to watching videos, you can complete surveys, visit websites, and do online shopping.

At the moment, they even have a $5 sign-up bonus, simply for joining.

You have a selection of videos to watch, including movie trailers, and clips from TV shows, as well as advertisements.

17. AdFun

AdFun is an app with a difference. It encourages social networking.

Video Watching Apps For Money

It’s available in the Google play store.

It’s a sort of bidding game, where you can bid along with your friends. Of course, you earn points by watching videos too.

There are many aspects to Adfun, far too many to explain here.

18. Earn Cash to Watch Perk TV

Perk TV is similar to Viggle. You watch videos and television and earn points for doing so.

There’s a variety of rewards available (Amazon, Target, Walmart, etc). You need 1000 points per dollar value for most gift cards or you can get cash via PayPal; you can donate to charity, or you can even get electronics and Perk merchandise. It is reported that you can earn a few dollars a day. Go to the website for full information.

19. A Nonspecific TV Watching Position: Pet Sitting!

If all you want to do is watch TV and earn money, you might consider becoming a pet sitter.

You can stay overnight, or stay at a house while the owner is on vacation.

Sure, you have to make sure that Fido is fed, let out when necessary, and given regular walks, but that still leaves a lot of time for you to sit around watching the owner’s TV.

Fido may even watch it with you, on the couch!

20. Finding Other TV Watching Positions

Make Money Watching Youtube

The general job boards don’t have all the possible TV watching vacancies. They are good place to start, but now and then you should also try doing a general search with Google.

Best App To Watch Video And Earn Money

Note that under Search Tools, Google allows you to specify the time frame, so you can set this to past week or past month to look only at the latest vacancies.

App Which Gives Money For Watching Videos

How Much Money Can You Make Watching Videos?

With few if any exceptions, you are not going to quit your job taking part in the suggested activities.

But depending how much you get into it, you can earn some nice spending money or store credits.

Pick a couple that take your fancy, sign up, and see how you like it.

So, whether you ardently or casually are interested in watching videos, you will find opportunities to earn some money. You don’t necessarily have to watch advertisements all the time, but can pick and choose the type of “work” that you want to do from the selection above.