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I know you have a Paytm account but the only problem is that you don’t have money in your Paytm wallet.

Not having money actually sucks!

How about if I tell you that there is a way you can earn money into your Paytm wallet and that way is called “spin and win

Use all of these applications if you want to earn a huge amount and refer as many friends you can to double your income.

If you earn Rs.2000 monthly with one application. Then if you will use 10 applications that would be 2000*10 =20,000 monthly.

So, Ladies and gentlemen today I will show you how you can spin and earn Paytm cash, and we will be using 4 applications to do so.

You ready?

Lets go..

Best Apps to Spin and win Paytm cash

1. Galo earning app

Spinning reward: ₹100Paytm cash

The first application that I would like to talk about is GALO because it thinks it’s the most legit application that pays you Paytm money for spinning the wheel.

Not only that but you can also earn Paytm cash by playing various games and completing various digital tasks.

Features of Galo app

  • Earn ₹240 Paytm cash by referring your friends.
  • Earn ₹300-500 per day by playing games.
  • As a new user earn ₹50 as a bonus.
  • Get daily rewards.


  • Win up to ₹100 Paytm cash by spinning the wheel.
  • Get 50+ coins by opening the treasure box.
  • View ads to earn extra Paytm cash.

Once you have earned money with Galo you can instantly get it in your Paytm account.

I would never recommend only using the spin and win method to earn money.

Yes, you can try to use the spin and earn method but it will not make you enough money. That’s why also try to use the other features of the application to make money.

Use the refer code – 2UDGH3 – to receive some extra coins

2. Play and win App

Spinning reward: ₹50-100 per spin

Free Paytm Cash

You can spin and earn Paytm cash on the Play and win App. You will daily get 1 spin, you have to go to the daily reward section and then click on “Bonus” to get a spin.

User can also play quiz games such as technology, sports, movies quiz to earn real Paytm cash.

Features of Play and win App

  • Earn ₹50-100 by spinning the wheel.
  • play various quizzes such as movies, history, technology, sports, and more.


  • Get daily rewards worth 5K points

3. GameZop

Spinning reward: ₹20Paytm cash

Another best application to spin and win Paytm cash is Gamezop.

You don’t only earn money by spinning the wheel. But you can earn even big rewards by playing games on the Gamezop app.

Features of GameZop App

  • More than 200+ games available.
  • Get up to ₹20 by spinning the wheel.
  • Earn ₹1000-3000 by playing games.
  • Host your own tournaments and earn a 10% commission and ₹5.


  • Refer and get ₹15 for each refers.
  • Get₹30 as signupbonus

4. Mobile premium League

Spinning reward: ₹1000Paytm cashby opening MPL for 7 days

Mobile premium League is a very good application for playing games and winning Paytm cash.

You may have seen Virat Kohli as the brand ambassador of MPL.

Features of MPL

  • Play different games such as War Tanks, Ludo, Sudoku, carrom, pool and much more.
  • Play fantasy cricket, football, Basketball and baseball.


  • Refer friends and earn ₹75 Paytm cash per friend.
  • Spin the wheel and earn daily rewards.

4. Big cash application


Spinning reward: ₹15 Paytm cash

Big cash is also a great application to spin and earn Paytm cash.

The main way to earn money from big cash app is to play different games and win the game to earn Paytm money.

But I included this application on the list because this application also lets you earn Paytm money by spinning a wheel.

Features of Big cash:

  • Play contests and win up to ₹1000 Paytm cash.
  • Try lucky spin and win ₹15 or earn 50% cashback.
  • More than 2 crore players are playing games and earning money.


  • Refer your friends and earn ₹20 per refer
  • Register and win ₹10 as a bonus reward.

But remember if you are looking for Unlimited spin and earning apps then Big cash is not for you because you will only get 1-3 spins daily.

Use the spin and win feature to try your luck, if you win that’s great.

But if you don’t then don’t worry they have daily spinning features you can always come back the next day to again spin.

If the first method didn’t work for you don’t worry you can also play various games in the application that can help you to earn Paytm cash instantly.

5. Winzo App

Spinning reward: ₹10-15Paytm cash, Cash bonus, Referral bonus, Fantasy bonus, Call break bonus

Winzo application started to gain fame when people started to earn money by playing games on the Winzo app.

All your favorite games such as COD, Free Fire, Fruit samurai, Carrom, Bubble shooter, and much more all in one app.

The best thing about this application is you can also spin and earn Paytm cash or other rewards and users can also withdraw their earnings quickly and easily.

Features of winzo

  • Spin the wheel and earn ₹10-15 Paytm cash
  • earn ₹15 per game by Solving daily puzzles.
  • Play games and earn ₹400-500 Paytm cash


  • Earn ₹20 per refer.
  • Win discount vouchers such as Amazon pay gift cards, Zee5 subscriptions, Flipkart gift cards.

6. Dhani app

Spinning reward: ₹6 per spin

This application solves all your needs and should be installed in your mobile phone.

Dhani is a great application for managing all your bill payments, Demat, stock trading, booking, etc.

But I listed this application here because this application also comes with Spin and earn Paytm cash features.

Features of Dhani app

  • Play games and earn Paytm cash
  • Spin the wheel and get a chance to win ₹6 or more.
  • Play different games such as Basketball, Hit the bullseye, Pacman, etc


  • Use the winning amount for recharge, Pay other bills, Pay EMI.
  • Refer your friends and earn cash.
  • Invest money in stock.

If you get lucky you can earn Paytm cash by spinning the wheel. If not you can use the same application to earn money by playing different games.

If playing games doesn’t work for you then you can refer and earn friends to this application and earn cash on every signup.

Do all the necessary signup procedures on the Dhani app, next play games, or spin the wheel to earn money. It’s that simple!

7. Intervideos app

Spinning reward: ₹2 per spin plus 100 coins.

Intervideos app also allows you to Spin and Earn Paytm cash once in a day.

Intervideos is a real simple application all you need is to login with your Paytm number.

You can watch videos and also play games to earn Paytm cash.

Features of Intervideos app

  • Earn ₹100 Paytm cash by inviting your friends.
  • Spin the wheel and earn ₹2-10 as per your level.
  • Complete daily tasks and earn coins.
  • Watch videos and win free Paytm cash.


  • Watch ads daily to earn daily rewards.
  • Use your coins to buy a mobile phone or other products.
  • Login by Facebook and win extra rewards.

You have to make sure that you are signed in to your Intervideos account, you will also get a bonus for signing in.

Next, you have to add your Paytm account because adding your Paytm account is really necessary otherwise you cannot withdraw your earnings.

8. Top quiz App

Spinning reward: 20 coins (which can be used to play games to earn money).

The top quiz is a great application if you want to earn money by spinning the wheel or by playing the quiz.

The quizzes are very simple and can be played by anyone very easily. You can play Mega quiz to win huge money or you can play quiz cash quiz to earn money quickly.

Features of Top quiz

  • Play quiz and win up to ₹100-300 Paytm cash.
  • Play various quizzes such as Bollywood quiz, cricket quiz, basic math quiz
  • Join Mega quiz tournaments and earn ₹1000-3000


  • Refer your friends and earn 100 coins per friend.
  • Get 150 coins for first time registration.

Download Top Quiz App

Play and win paytm cash online, free download

Attention – I showed you the top apps where you can Spin and earn Paytm cash. But now I would like to review some other applications that provide more Paytm cash than spinning apps

5 More Paytm apps to earn huge cash rewards.

1. Qureka application

You can win money in qureka application by playing various easy quiz games like

  1. IPL quiz
  2. Video quiz
  3. exam prep quiz
  4. Images quiz and more.

You can increase your knowledge and also win great Paytm money with Qureka application.

Features of Qureka app

  • Win 10,000 coins by playing the quiz
  • Refer and earn win extra cash.


  • Earn 10 coins by watching videos.
  • Earn a bonus of 10 coins by signup.
  • Win a mobile phone, Tickets, amazon and Flipkart vouchers, and more

Play a quiz from your favorite topic, give the right answers quickly, and make money.

Refer Code – ZEESHU194125

2. Roz Dhan app

Roz Dhan is the best Paytm earning app in India and personally my favorite application to make Paytm money.

Features of Roz Dhan app

  • Earn up to ₹200 daily Paytm cash playing games.
  • Refer friends and earn ₹10 per refer.
  • Scratch and get up to ₹200.


  • Watch ads daily to earn coins.
  • Complete Tasks to win 17500+ coins.
  • Earn 3x Coins by opening the treasure box.

The application can be used to earn daily Paytm cash and once you have earned you can quickly withdraw your earning into your Paytm wallet.

Sign up with your Paytm number to get ₹25as a bonus.

Play and choose the games you like and earn money, also take advantage of referring your friends and earn more money.

4. Zupee Gold App

Zupee gold is a good way to earn by giving answers to the basic questions. It is the best way to earn money than spin and earn money because you don’t have to play with luck.

If you can give the right answers, you can easily earn money into your Paytm wallet.

Zupee gold doesn’t comes with any spin and earn Paytm cash feature so you can only earn money by playing quiz.

Features of Zupee Gold:

  • Play tournaments and win up to ₹3000 Paytm money
  • You can choose from over 500+ tournaments
  • Tournaments are live 24/7.
  • Quickly withdraw your money into your Paytm wallet


  • Refer friends and earn ₹10 per friend.

Add the refer code – ankt9jp – and you will instantly get Rs.3 in your account

5. TapTap.GG application

Play quiz and win paytm cash online, free

Another great web based application to get money by playing games is TapTap.GG.

You can play different games on and if you win you will get Paytm balance.

Features of TapTap

  • With taptap, you can take out only Rs.100 in your Paytm wallet as the maximum amount daily.
  • The bonus reward is 20 for registration.
  • There is no limit if you can play and win games because you can earn unlimited Paytm cash.

Visit TapTap.GG

If you like these apps then I want you to read the full list of 20 Paytm money-making apps. You will find all 20 apps that can help you to win great Paytm cash

At last… But important

I create this list of the best 8 spin and earn Paytm cash apps that anyone can download. Since very few apps give Paytm cash just for spinning the wheel that’s why I was not able to write much about it.

To be honest there is no unlimited spin app to make cash. Every apps gives you 1-2 spins daily

But I didn’t want to waste your time so I listed other apps that you can use to earn money.

Most of the applications don’t give money but I tried to write an honest list of applications that pay money for your hard work.

But if you are serious about making money online, apps are not the only way to make money.

You should also try different ways to make money. You can check out this blog post on how students can make money

Tell me in comments if you have any problem with any of these application I would love to help you out.

Thank you 🙂

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If you are looking for the best games to earn Paytm cash then in this article we have shared a list of app and websites where you can earn Free Paytm Cash by Playing Games.

If you search ” Play and Win Paytm Cash online, free ” then you will get lots of websites and apps where you can earn money by play games. but most of the apps are paid and you need to invest or add money to join the competition.

So, lots of people are searching for free apps and websites to earn money on Google. it’s quite difficult to find free online games to earn money but don’t worry we are here to help you in this article we shared a list of Best Games where you can earn Paytm cash for free.

Play and Win Paytm Cash online, free

Earn money online, free by playing games is a really cool feature provided by lots of websites and apps. where you can earn play different popular games like cricket, fruit chop, car racing, etc. also some websites pay us for doing a simple task like spin the wheel, scratch cards, and more.

Here is the list of apps and websites given below. make sure to check out all of them and I hope you will like.

1) Qureka

Qureka is India’s biggest online quiz platform where users can play unlimited competition and earn free Paytm cash. if you love to play quiz related Bollywood, entertainment, cricket then Qureka is the best website for you.

Play And Win Paytm Cash online, free download

You also play video quiz, game prediction, brain test to earn money cash. this website very simple and easy to play games. Qureka has 10M+ users in India and every day millions of users use their app to play the quiz.

the best feature of this app is here you can withdraw your earning directly on your Paytm wallet. they don’t have any minimum withdrawal limit.

Join Qureka and Earn Money:

2) Gamezop

Gamezop is one of the most popular gaming platforms in India where you can play 250+ high-quality games. Gamezop provides us lots of cool features like you can earn money by playing games on their website.

if you are looking for FREE mobile recharge then Gamezop is the best website for you. here you can recharge your mobile phone for free you just need to play games and earn cash. you can also earn money for doing a simple tasks like spinning wheel, refer Gamezop with your friends.

Finally, Gamezop is the best to earn money online, free by playing games website. you can withdrawal your all earning on your payment wallet instantly.

Join Gamezop and Earn Money:

3) Crickmania

If you are a cricket lover and like play cricket games, quiz, polls related to cricket then Crickmaina is the perfect platform for you. where you earn money by play cricket games. Crickmaina has lots of cricket challenges, polls, puzzles for users.

Lots of people already using this app to earn free Paytm cash. if you want to earn Paytm cash by playing games then join this website today and start earning. this website also has a refer and earn feature where you will earn free rs.4 cash for every referral.

Crickmania allows us to withdraw our earning on the Paytm wallet. but the minimum withdrawal limit is Rs.50. so you need to wait sometime. this also a very good play game and earn Paytm cash platform.

4) PayBox

PayBox is a popular online Paytm Cash Earning app in India. every month more than 1 million+ users use this app for earning free Paytm Cash. PayBox has lots of features to earn free cash like Trends, Polls, Content Posting, Puzzles, Contests, Refer and Earn system.

You can play free online games to earn money on PayBox app. also you can play luck games like Spin Wheel, Singal Dice, Double Dice, etc.

If you have a good friend circle then you can earn money by referring PayBox with your friends. when your friend joins PayBox from your referral link then you will earn a Free Rs.5 cash bonus and when you earn total rs.50 cash on your account then you withdraw it to Paytm Wallet.

5) RozDhan

Rozdhan is a new online earning application in Playstore and in a very short time this app is getting viral. now Rzodhan application has 10M+ install in India. lots of people use this app for earning money.

This app is mostly popular for its unique features where users can Play and Win Paytm Cash online, free. this app has 100+ different popular games like Ludo, Cricket, FruitChop, and more. Rozdhan also has some cool features where users can earn free cash for reading articles, news, simple tasks, etc.

This is an all in one mobile earning app and if you are looking for Best Games to Play and Win Paytm Cash online, free then you can try this app.

How To Earn Paytm Cash

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