Let’s take a look at Coin Master little bit closer. App released in 2010 that now has over 80 million downloads and has earned more than $500 million.

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If you are not familiar with this mobile game, though, Coin Master requires users to win coins that are used to build virtual villages and earn more spins of a virtual slot machine.

It’s free, single-player game made by Moon Active studio based in Israel.

From own beginning this game gained a lot of popularity and became famous really fast. Won few awards like top-grossing mobile game in the UK and Germany in 2019.

The main target of Coin Master is to get as much coins as possible to grow your villages.

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Welcome to Coin Master Free Spins and Coins links for April 2021. This is a dedicated page designed for you to provide the latest and most updated Coin Master Free Spins and coin links, these links can redeem you up to 100+ Free Spins and 2 Million+ Coins on a daily basis.

You can find Coin Master category ‘Adventure Games’ in App Store and Google Play Store. In order to build your own village or attack enemy villages, you have to spin on Coin Master “slot” to win coins.

In general you will get six free spins per hour. You can also buy additional spins by buying chests from in-app store.

Overall Coin Master is cool game in which you have to earn coins by spinning slot or attack other villages in order to build and grow your own villages.

If you decide to start with this game you won’t regret! It’s quite easy to upgrade and grow your village from start, but over time everything becomes much more expensive. It takes a lot of time to make necessary upgrades which get you to the next village.

There are many tricks to grow your villages faster, so don’t hesitate and use our software or links that will help you so you can enjoy this game even more!

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What is Coin Master?

Coin master game is an exciting game developed by Moon Active Studios released in the year 2015. This game has been most trending worldwide since last year when they released a new updated trailer in June 2019.

Coin master is a building strategy game combined with a slot machine mechanism to perform various game actions. In this game, you get coin master spins, which you can use to spin the slot machine to earn coins, attack others’ bases, raid others, defend your base from others and upgrade your base. This thrilling game has simple game mechanics to play and interesting features, which has to lead it to gain more than 80 million downloads.

You can get spins as time passes, but is there any other way to get coin master free spins?

Daily links for Free Spins and Coins

Links for free spins are gathered from the official Coin Master social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



10 spins, 1 million coins

25 spins

10 spins, 1 million coins

25 spins

25 spins

10 spins, 1 million coins

2 million coins

25 spins

25 spins

10 spins, 1 million coins

2 million coins

25 spins

2 million coins

2 million coins

25 spins

Are You Worried about Getting Coin Master free Spins?

Well, Coin Master spins neither easy nor difficult. I am saying this controversial line because getting Coin Master free spins is not tricky when you land on our site. And it is easy when you are here with us finding Coin Master daily free spins link today.

We have successfully managed to assemble free spins Coin Master links for our users. If you are a diehard lover of the Coin Master game, you definitely would not want to miss out on a single chance to get spins. Here you can get Coin Master spins of today, yesterday, and even previous ones. If you have missed out on any spins, you have a golden chance to get Coin Master free spins.

Do you know how to get free spins Coin Master?

Did you ever get a bag of the coin while playing the game?

It is a clear cut sign that you are getting more coins to buy spins. Every day you can get free Coin Master spins right after they loaded on the game.

The official Coin Master spins are collected through social media profiles, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Don’t worry about any risks as we have already scanned all spins, and they are entirely safe.

Luckily, fans of Coin Master can avail a number of means to get Coin Master free spins. It makes them able to get free spins and progress of leveling up swifts. Basically, people are addicted enough to this game as they don’t want to lose a single chance to get free spins.

Most of the spins are easy to grab; still, there are a few that need some extra skills.

A number of ways are available to get free Coin Master spins, such as:

1- Inviting Friends on Facebook:

Just like other games, you also get an option to ask your friends on Facebook to give free spins. When you invite a friend for this game, you can simply get 40 free spins. For this, your friends have to accept the invitation. It needs downloading the game, opening it, and logging into Facebook to get connected with the account.

2- Gifting One Another:

Do you have lots of friends? Are they fan of the Coin Master game?

If yes, then you are so lucky. Having lots of friends that are already on the game makes you able to get coins and free spins every day. That way, you can get 100 spins overall.

3- Wait:

Apart from other tricks, you can just wait. Waiting for each hour allows you to enjoy five free spins Coin Master. This way, you can add up to 50 spins overall. So, you have to wait like ten hours for the maximum number of spins.

4- Follow on Social Media:

Moon Active, are you familiar with this name?

Lovers of Coin Master will be familiar as he is the developer of this game. Every day, Moon Active gives a couple of links to follow. Following these links give you free spins, and continue doing this, let you enjoy more spins.

Have you ever seen energy capsules?

Note: Energy capsule gives you ten free spins.

5- Sign Up for Email Gifts:

Signing up for email gifts get you a considerable amount of Coin Master free spins every day. Till now, there is no spam reported after signing up. So this is another excellent trick to get Coin Master links.

6- Video Ads:

I know, nobody likes watching ads between your favorite movie or playing a game. However, watching video ads bless you with a little Coin Master free spins every day. You only have to scroll the slot machine and click on the button used for spin energy given at the bottom of the page. If you are unable to see any control, it means that you don’t have more free spins.

7- Upgrade Your Village:

Whenever you upgrade village, you get a handful of free Coin Master Spins. You need some gold to buy more buildings to improve and later on you have to buy each and every one of them to upgrade the level.

8- Save Card Sets:

You can save lots of cards when you pass on to the next level. Though it is not compulsory still if you can gather a couple of card sets you will be lucky enough to collect free Coin Master Spins. When you start playing a new village, a Wooden Chest will be waiting for you to open up. You might get some cards as you open up this chest.

Though there might be a few cards only, and if you want to get more you have to go to the coin and spin area to buy chests full of coins. That way you will get a handsome amount of Coin Master free spins. Apart from that, you will also get rewards such as pets that help you increase the earning you get from the slot machine.

9- Spin Spin Spin:

You can get more spins by spinning at first. It usually is the case when you see some event is going on and you luckily get your reward as the level of achievements boost. Features like Attack Madness give you additional bonus rewards every time you complete a phase of passing on to other villages. Free spins Coin Master Game is full of charms and rewards that appear from time to time in the game, so you have to be careful to win spins.

10- Obtaining Chests:

Getting cards will not be difficult at all if you are able to buy dozens of chests. However, as you dive deeper into the game you will find more options to get cards in order to have more chests. Ultimately, it shows that completing cards’ packs is more difficult as the level of difficulty increases.

To pass on the lower level packs you need to spend some coins to buy chests so that you can successfully get free spins Coin Master Links.

11- Go With the Flow:

Usually, fans of the Coin Master game are always in a hurry because they don’t want to waste their time and they cannot afford to lose a single spin. For this, they tend to continue struggling for getting Coin Master free spins and choose to go with the flow.

Lovers of this game tend to get all the rewards on daily basis and increasing the number of free Coin Master Spins is another great deal to be more productive in the game. After an hour, you can get Coin Master free spins. Do you know, waiting for at least 10 hours will give you the maximum number of free spins? You can enjoy the game more often with all the spins you get.

Online events and communities also offer links for free spins and coins. These links are 100% genuine and workable. Events may provide links for up to 200 coin master free spins and sometimes even more. These online events can be paid for you, which you have to buy coupons or get a free coupon for joining through any source. Free links that are reliable are common within coin master gaming communities. These communities do not share spam or fake links. Otherwise, they are downvoted and removed.

Coin Master Free Spins – Essentials of Coin Master Game

Congratulations! Coin Master has gifted you coins!

Congratulations! Coin Master has gifted you spins!

Collecting these Coin Master free spins and coins is not less than a blessing for the fans of this game.

What do you know about social media links? Using social media links helps you get a couple of free stuff in Coin Master Game. People who truly want to rule over the game in case of getting free Coin Master spins need a bucket full of coins. Would you like to spend all of the coins to buy spins only?

Well, it might be awesome for you if you find free spins Coin Master links.

Do you have any idea about the essentials of Coin Master free spins?

Let’s have a look at what are the essentials?

As you know the Coin Master game starts with a short tutorial that appears as you start playing the game. This short tutorial includes basic mechanics and lets you play in any style. Well, there are some mechanics that you will not see in the

tutorial, so let’s have a look at those terms.

Getting coins or spins and then applying in the game is everything that will keep on repeating. Do you know that Coin Master has three main sources to get coins other than purchasing and spending real money?

  • Slots Machine
  • Attack on other player bases
  • Looting other player bases

These three are the main ways to get coins and Coin Master free spins. You have to spin on the Slots Machine to actually obtain coins in these ways. Slots machine is used to win coins and you don’t have to invest in.

You can even attack or raid the base of other players to get coins. It will help you a lot in the future gameplay as you get enough coins to spend later on. Here you will find Coin Master links for free without any disturbance. Free spins Coin Master is not easy enough to get in the game. That’s why you have to be extra careful while playing the game.

How to Play Coin Master?

Coin master fundamentally is played by a virtual slot machine that you spin to get things and earn coins. The game revolves around getting more and more coins to be used for various purposes in the game. There are certain essential features to know to start playing the game on the go.

Essential Features of Coin Master

1- Category of the Game:

Coin master is a pleasant adventure game that can be found easily under the category of “Adventure” in-app store. It is because you have to build your base and gamble across with the coins and spins you get to get your base stronger and powerful.

2- Strategy Building:

The game is not just a straightforward basic game. Coin master requires a strategy to win while using the things you get from spin. When to attack or raid, or to shield yourself from others is all based on the rational strategy you make.

3- The Slot Machine:

The slot machine is the basic foundation of the game. The gameplay depends solely on the slot machine. You can spin a slot machine with spins, which you can earn automatically as a specific amount of time passes. You can open the slot machine by choosing it from the menu or swiping down while on the village view.

You can view the available number of spins just below the slot machine. You can use one spin to spin the slot machine one time.

The slot machine has 4 reels with 4 different symbols representing different functions and actions you can apply in the game. If you spin and manage to get all the same symbols in a row, you will be able to perform that action then.

The slot machine’s symbols are; a bag of coins, hammer, pig bandit, shield, and energy capsule.

  • A bag of coins gives you coins when you get it. If you manage to get all 4 bags of coins in a row, it will earn you a huge amount of coins.
  • Hammer refers to attack and allows the player to attack other player’s bases. You can choose to attack a friend’s base, or it will automatically choose to attack any random player’s base. You can attack any building on the base and get coins according to the building structure level.
  • Pig bandit symbol allows the player to raid. Raid is different from attack. It gives you 3 shovels that you can use anywhere on others’ base to dig and find coins and treasures.
  • The shield is used to block attacks and defend your base. You can have 3 shields at once, which will protect your village from 3 attacks. Your buildings will not lose the star when someone attacks if you have a shield.
  • Energy capsules simply give you 10 free coin master spins.

These are the fundamental features of this game through which you play coin master.

4- Village Base and Building Structures:

The village is an essential part of the game that serves as levels. You can choose from nearly 200 different kinds of village styles to make your base. The coins you earn from coin master free spins; you can utilize them to improve your base and attack other players bases to loot their coins and get to the next level.

You can build a different structure in your village and upgrade them in order to get the other level. The building upgrades get expensive with the time. These building structures do not serve for any special function in the game, though it only shows the progress of the player and strength of the base.

A village with more structures and upgraded buildings is considered strong, and it hard to defeat. The more competitive it becomes when there are more buildings and stronger structures.

5- Card Collections:

Another essential feature of the game is the cards. There are several sets of cards, and each set contains 9 cards that have a similar theme. These cards can be found while opening the chest, which can be bought with coins.

There are different kinds of cards measured by stars. Each set of cards have cards with stars from 1 to 5 and a joker card. Joker cards are the hardest to find.

There are 3 different types of the chest which you can buy. Players struggle to buy a more expensive chest because it has a higher probability of cards. Rare cards are difficult to find, but once a set is completed, it can reward with more bonuses like free spins, pets, and other kinds of rewards.

These cards can be traded with other players because the coin master has a trading mechanism too. You can send cards to your friends and game communities up to 5 cards daily.

6- Characters:

The game features a pig as a mascot character. This little cute pig is also the tour guide which guides you to the game when you start it for the first time. Other than that, there are new characters in every different village-like wizards, warriors, dwarfs, and many more.

7- Pets:

Pets are another unique way to earn coins and other bonuses in the game. These pets help you in attacks and raids by boosting up the bonuses and rewards. There are a total of 3 pets; tiger, rhino, and foxy. These pets can also be hatched from the eggs.

  • Tiger boosts the number of coins you get after attacking other player’s bases.
  • Foxy gives you an extra shovel in the raid, which you can use to dig for more coins.
  • Rhino helps to block attacks from outside. It acts as a shield.

The more the level of the pets is, the greater the amount of rewards is. For this purpose, you have to level them up by giving them more XP.

Frequently Asked Questions About Coin Master Free Spins

By visiting our page! Every day we post new links for free spins as soon as they are available.

Can I get Coin Master 50 spin rewards?

Yes, you can easily win 50 spins reward by attacking and raiding tough village bases and battling with other players. You may even find daily links which will reward you 50 spins but normally, you can find 25 spin or 10 spin link very easily.

Can I get Coin Master 70 spin rewards?


Normally, you cannot find a daily link for 70 free coin master spins. You can get a link to 70 free spins through online events, like coin master anniversary, coin master follower celebration, etc. You can also find links for even larger rewards, but they are rarely shared and are difficult to find. Furthermore, you can get 70 to 80 spin rewards by regularly playing coin master and participating in PvP battle competitions.

Which website gives free spins and coin links for Coin Master?

No website provides free spins or free coins for coin master. It is actually a coin master who shares the daily links themselves for free rewards for their players. These links can be found on different social media platforms. Other than that, the free spin generators are not recommended to use as they are generally spam and not reliable.

Right now there are 252 villages (levels) that you can play.

Stars show your rank and of other players. You can get more stars by building your village and collecting cards.

Can I win 400 spins reward?

Well, it is not possible through daily links. This huge amount can be received through indirect and several means. You can get 400 spins by completing card sets and collections, take part in online competitions, and join online coin master events. Collectively, you can make it possible to win 400 spins or more.

You collect cards to complete a collection which consists of 9 cards with the same theme. Every time you finish a collection you get spins and gifts.

Coin master is a must-try trending game that will make you addicted to its mesmerizing gameplay and strategy. You may even utilize all your daily spins and hate to wait for them to regenerate, but no worries at all now! Now you know each, and every possible way through with you can easily earn free spins to keep yourself playing.

Now you are fully aware of how to earn in-game free spins and how to find reliable online sources and links for free coin master spins. You do not have to wait anymore as you can continue your game by clicking on the coin master daily free spins link today and amuse yourself.