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Feb 10, 2021 Gas station slot machines require you to use skill in some capacity while playing. The skill-based factor differs based on the individual machine. Some types of slots games merely require you to select a winning payline in order to collect the payout. Others offer in-depth bonuses, such as memory games. Jul 09, 2020 - Those ubiquitous video game machines in Georgia gas stations have prosecutors more worried than ever about the spread of illegal gambling. It’s all because of a recent court ruling they say. Class 1 horse tracks can be granted Gas unlimited number of Machines days. Sfations latter two have been the subject of extensive litigation, with the state arguing that both are illegal. Slot Machines Texas Law - Gambling machines in some convenience stores illegally giving cash payouts WTGS. As with all online games, online slots demo play. Cybersecurity Forum - Member Profile Profile Page. User: Slot machine in gas station va, slot machine queen pot gold tips cheats, Title: New Member, About: Slot machine in gas station va. (WSFA) - A gambling investigation in Tallassee has led to a business owner’s arrest. Tallassee police say they executed a search warrant at the Marathon gas station at 65 Kent Rd.


Outside of Nevada, slot machines have largely been relegated to casinos. After all, most states don’t want slots in every nook and cranny.

More recently, though, some states have seen slot machines pop up in gas stations and convenient stores. These slots allow you to enjoy gambling when you’re making a quick trip to get gas and/or buy snacks.

Of course, gas station slot machines (a.k.a. skill games) are still relatively new concepts. You may not be used to them if you strictly play casino slots.

If you’re interested in playing gas station slots, then you can read the following guide. It covers how these games work and if they’re ultimately worth trying.

Basics of Gas Station Slot Machines

Convenience store slots play like casino slot machines for the most part. They feature spinning reels and bonus rounds just like regular slots.

If you’ve played a casino slot before, then you won’t have any trouble getting started with these games. You insert your cash to get credits and push the spin button to play.

Gas Station Gambling Machines Pictures

The reels will begin spinning after you hit the spin button. The goal is to line up matching symbols in paylines and win prizes.

Gas station slots seem just like those in casinos so far, right? The twist, though, is that there’s a skill element involved.

Gas station slot machines require you to use skill in some capacity while playing. The skill-based factor differs based on the individual machine.

Some types of slots games merely require you to select a winning payline in order to collect the payout. Others offer in-depth bonuses, such as memory games.

In many jurisdictions, the slot machines need to contain skill to avoid being considered pure gambling. In this manner, they survive in a legal gray area.

How Gas Station Slots Differ from Casino Slot Machines

Convenience store slot machines may closely resemble casino slots, but they also have notable differences. Here’s a more in-depth look at how gas station slots are unique.

Skill Element

Skill is a defining characteristic of a gas station slot machine. It requires you to use some type of skillful action during the course of play.

The skill level varies based on the game.

In the most basic sense, you merely need to manually select winning paylines. After tapping the winning lines, you’ll collect the relevant payouts.

Of course, these slots can also feature skill-based bonuses that are rather involved. You might, for instance, need to drive a race car. Your finish will determine how many credits you earn.

Found at Convenience Stores

You no longer have to visit casinos to play real money slot machines. Gas stations in certain states now feature slots.

The average state has a convenience store for approximately every 2,000 residents. This means that you likely live within 1-3 miles of the nearest gas station.

Assuming you’re also in a state with convenience store slot machines, then you’ll have easy access to these games. You might even be able to walk to play them.

Legal Grey Area

The legality surrounding convenience store slots varies depending upon the jurisdiction. Some states completely ban all forms of gambling (e.g. Utah) regardless of if the slots contain skill or not.

Gas Station Gambling Machines Manufacturers

Others have loopholes that allow skill games to thrive. Gas station slot machines are normally available in these jurisdictions.

Gas Station Gambling Machines Texas

Of course, most convenient stores don’t have to obtain a gaming license to operate like casinos do. They license/purchase games that allow them to offer gambling through legal loopholes.

Little Info Available on the Games

You’re not going to see famous slot machines like International Game Technology’s (IGT) Megabucks or branded games like Game of Thrones in gas stations. Instead, you’ll find lots of generic slots in convenience stores.

These games aren’t well-known throughout the gaming world. That said, you won’t have a lot of information on these gambling machines.

You’re almost never going to find a payout percentage for them. Of course, very few casino slots offer return to player (RTP) in their help screens either.

No Established VIP Programs

Many convenience stores have loyalty programs that offer savings on gas and other items. Every purchase you make at these stores can result in points.

However, gas station slots aren’t subject to any defined a VIP program. You might get points for playing the slot machine too, but you won’t receive traditional casino comps like free drinks, meals, and limousine rides.

Contrast this to land based casinos, which boast elaborate loyalty programs. These VIP plans allow you to pick up everything from three-course meals to hotel stays.

Jackpots Aren’t As Large

Many convenience store slot machines offer jackpots. You might be able to win thousands of dollars through some of these games.

However, you’re not going to be chasing multimillion-dollar prizes. Such jackpots are reserved for land-based and online casinos.

Some progressive slot machines in casinos offer top prizes worth six or even seven figures. The online slot Aztec’s Millions, for example, features a $4.4 million jackpot at the time of this writing.

Are Gas Station Slot Machines as Clean as Casino Slot Machines?

This wasn’t as big of a concern before 2020 as it is now, but you always need to consider how clean the slot machines you’re playing are. While every business is supposed to be cleaning things on a regular basis, some businesses aren’t doing as much as others.

The few gas stations I’ve played slot machines in do a decent job of cleaning, but they’re not doing as good as the casinos. This can be a real issue, especially if you get sick from playing slots in a gas station.

This is a personal issue, but I’ve always disliked sitting down at a slot machine that was dirty. You don’t have any idea who played on the machine before you, and what kind of germs they left behind.

Of course, this isn’t just the case with gas station slot machines. Some smaller casinos don’t do a good job keeping their machines clean. I got in the habit of carrying a small container of cleaning wipes before 2020, and I won’t go to play slots anywhere without them now.


Should You Play Slots at a Casino or Gas Station?

If you had all the time in the world, then casinos would be your best option for playing slots. They feature of the largest game selections, biggest jackpots, and detailed loyalty programs. You can visit a casino and enjoy lavish comps while playing for jackpots worth up to seven figures.

However, you might still consider gas station slot machines due to the convenience factor. They’re readily available and may be located near your house.

Then again, not all states tolerate slots in convenience stores. If you live in one of these states, then you either need to visit land-based or online casinos to play.

Of course, you can always alternate your play between one setting and the other. Sometimes you might feel like a big trip to the casino. In such cases, you’ll be able to play countless slots and enjoy resort amenities.

Other times you may simply feel like playing a quick slots session without any hassles. Skill games are perfect for these purposes.

You shouldn’t need to travel long to find convenient store slots if your state offers them. This option allows you to save on both time and travel costs.


Casinos have long been the most-popular spots to spin the reels. They’ll likely remain favorites among gamblers into the foreseeable future.

However, gas station slot machines make for suitable alternatives to land-based casino slots. They don’t require as much travel and still feature exciting games.

You might even appreciate the opportunity to try a different type of slots. Convenience store games require a skill element that’s rarely seen in casino slot machines.

Of course, not every state allows slot machines in its gas stations. They like keeping slots where they belong in online and land-based casinos. If your state does allow skill games, though, then you should consider giving them a try.

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