Today in this world there is no one who doesn’t want to earn money. From a teenager to an adult everyone needs money for their daily use. But what if you can earn money by playing video games? Yes, it’s possible. So, here is the list of top online games with which you can earn some cash.

Because Poker is as much (or more) a game of chance than a game of skill, it isn’t always included in the list of card games you can play for money. The best poker games to play online as a skill game for winning money include Texas Hold ‘em and Omaha, where you’re playing against other players and you are using strategy more than you’re relying on luck. Can you earn money for watching videos? $100-$200 per month? Read more to check out the 9 best websites that pays to watch videos. CS:GO, Dota 2, and Team Fortress 2 are the most popular Valve games, but the Market supports dozens of other games: PUBG, Rust, Black Squad, Unturned, and more. Note: Steam Wallet funds cannot be withdrawn, so whatever money you earn can only be spent on Steam games or other items for sale on the Steam Community Market. Earn money by playing online browser games Hey Steemians Here are some links to browser games where you can earn by inst74. It wouldn’t be great if you can earn money by playing games? Having this situation, probably you have a smartphone.

Entropia Universe:

Entropia universe also is known as Project Entropia is not based on the purely social world as there are actual gameplay elements like hunting, missions, crafting, etc., in this game by which you can earn money. It is based on real cash economy so it feels more like a traditional MMORPG. This means that the virtual objects in this game have a real value in USD. Entropia Universe uses a micropayment business model, in which players may buy in-game currency (PED - Project Entropia Dollars) with real money that can be redeemed back into USD at a fixed exchange rate of 10:1 (100 PED =$10). What so unique about this game is that the player directly withdraws PED into the account without any influence of a third party or any other person. You can earn PED by the following methods

  • Sweat Gathering: you can collect vibrant sweat from creatures and sell them to other players.
  • Collecting fruit stones and broken Elysian tech and selling them to other players
  • Missions
  • Mentoring
  • Land deeds, etc.

Second Life:

Second life is also MMORPG game like Entropia Universe. Second life users also called Residents create virtual representations of them, called avatars who are able to interact with other avatars, places or objects. They can explore the world known as the grid, meet other residents, socialize, participate in individual and group activities like build, create shop and trade virtual property and services with one another in exchange of money. Second life also has its own virtual currency, the Linden Dollar, which is exchangeable with real-world currency. The money can be exchanged as follows L$ 260 = 1USD. You can earn money by

  • Buying and selling land
  • Creating and selling contents like clothing
  • Organizing and performing events
  • Sitting in a camping chair

EXODUS 3000:


Exodus3000 is a cash-payout game, meaning that after earning a predetermined amount of money in-game money you have an option to request a cash-out. Cashing out resets the majority of the in-game factors of the character while providing the player with a real-world cash amount based on how much in-game money the character had earned at the time.

The game itself is set roughly 1000 years into the future after the Planet Earth has been rendered uninhabitable due to a catastrophic event and no longer was suitable for life. The survivors of the Human race fled to Mars in search of shelter and a place which they can call home. Each player assumes the role of a prospector and has an individual role in the game. From their homesteads, they must venture out and explore the surface of the planet looking for Mars Dollars and Minerals. The game map is populated with volcanoes, ruins, outposts, abandoned homesteads, craters, plains, dunes, stores, and settlements which provide mining and searching bonuses for both their governors and joined members. In addition to gaining in-game money, Minerals, there are cards to be found and missions to be completed. Money can be exchanged at the rate of 49000MD=$10. You can earn money by

  • Mining volcanoes
  • Searching ruins
  • Attacking other players


Dota 2 also known as Defense Of The Ancient 2 is a free online game released in 2013 after the hit of its first part. Dota 2 is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game in which two teams of five players compete to collectively destroy a large structure defended by the opposing team known as the 'Ancient', whilst defending their own. As in its previous instalment, the game is controlled using standard real-time strategy controls and is presented on a single map in a three-dimensional isometric perspective. Ten players each control one of the game's 112 playable characters, known as 'heroes', with each having their own design, benefits, and weaknesses. You can earn money in this game by

Games You Can Earn Money By Playing
  • You can sell a cosmetic product called skins to other players online through skin trading websites.
  • You can also earn money by betting in Dota 2 professional matches but once again it has a high-risk factor
  • If you have a good team you can participate in online professional matches where the prices can go up to six digits

Can You Earn Money By Playing Video Games

Online Casinos:

Whenever we think about earning money the first place which comes to our mind is a casino. Online casinos are similar to real life casinos where a player can play live casino games through their server with other players throughout the world. Players can place their bets through a card, PayPal and other online payment services which the website allows. There is no big difference between real life casinos and online casinos except its more convenient as you do not have to go anywhere to play. You can just sit on your bed and earn a lot of cash. All you need to do is register to the website and just agree to their terms and conditions and then you can experience the fun of casinos. You can earn money by simply playing games. Few of such games are

  • Poker
  • Pokies/Slot machines
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • And other arcade games

Counter Strike Global Offensive:

Games You Can Earn Real Money Playing

I know many readers will be surprised to see this game on this list. But yes you can earn real cash through this game too. Well, counter strike is one of those games which do not need any introduction to the gamers out there. The main difference between counter strike go and its previous parts are the weapons used in them. Now the big question- how to earn money? Players can earn money by

Games You Can Earn Money Playing

  • Trading cosmetic products called skins with another player on skin trading websites for money. Skins because of its rarity and high-value factor had made them quite desirable.
  • You can also earn money by betting on professional matches but it has a high-risk factor.