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Coin Master Free Spins AND COINS 1 MAY 2021

Getting more free spins

Are you wondering how you can get your hands on more Coin Master free spins? Then you are at the right website. We know that this game is addictive, and the reason is its excellent design and a perfect combination of slots and interactive social games. It is a creative game that challenges you all the time. This fantastic game is so engrossing that you get disappointed and desperate to play when you run out of coins and have to take a break. The other option is to shell out big bucks for as few as 30 spins.

There are many secret ways to get free spins of Coin Master. This is excellent news for players who don’t want to break when they are moving ahead so well. Do not worry, as we can help you get those spins easily, and you can just keep playing the game without any hiccups or shortage of coins. And mind you, do not have to spend a lot of money to get these free spins.

You will learn about different ways of getting some free spins on our website. Even after your usual daily free spin quota runs out, you can use this extra stash and continue playing your favorite game. You will never have to worry about spending your money in the online store to buy extra spins or coins. Check out the Coin Master free cards and Coin Master free coins that can get you more rewards.

Here are some great ideas and tips:

  • Follow the social media profile of the coin master.

The developers of this great game – Moon Active, provide some links on social media. All you have to do is check these social media accounts every day and get the free spins. It is as simple as that. You get extra spins without spending any money or doing some extra tasks. What can be easier than just following the game developer’s social accounts and getting extra spins?

  • Receive gifts using email signup

People do not usually like to sign up for email gifts as they worry about spam and phishing. But we have not seen any such suspicious activity even after signing up for subscription. This simple step using your email will get you a bunch of free spins and coins in your email account every day.

  • The simple spin

This is the simplest and the easiest route to free spins. You may be lucky enough to get the three spin energy symbols in the daily. This will last you a long time if you are lucky enough to get a chain of spins.

  • Video ads

You may be tired of watching television and OTT shows and movies. But if small videos of a few seconds give you free spins, what can be better than this? You can watch a few free spins every day when you watch a video sponsored by the developers. The symbol for watching a video ad is placed near the energy spin button. You will get a few limited spins only every day, and once it is used, you will see the symbol gone. You cannot carry forward the free spins, or video ad plays.

  • Play with friends

A game becomes more enjoyable when you are playing with friends and are not alone. You can invite friends using the Coin Master social page on Facebook. You will get a considerable number of free spins every time a friend joins the game. They simply download the game and do not have any obligation to play it. How can they resist such an exciting and fun game? This definitely makes the game a different one altogether! So, you can invite as many friends as you want, and for each person who joins the community, you get rewards in terms of free spins.

  • Free spins pets

Yet another exciting idea. You can ask the players to give you a free spin. Some players are already your friends and who have joined the group through the link sent by you. There may be more players whom you don’t know as friends. But you can connect with them using the Reddit and Facebook social groups.

These are groups of like-minded people who do activities together and play games. They understand the concept of sharing and gifting in terms of gaming. You can connect with as many people as you can and get up to 100 free spins of Coin Master every day. Because you know a friend in need is a friend indeed. You can reciprocate by sending them the same gifts. This way, the chain remains unbroken.

  • Be alert to team events and participate.

The creators organize events from time to time. There may be events taking place every day, though their rewards may change and may not be the same. You will find the slot machine at the in the game screen. You will see virtual buttons from time to time below the menu. These buttons are the symbol and cue for you to join that event. Multiple events may be happening at a time. You can choose how many you can play or participate in. Each event will entitle you to some rewards and complimentary spins, sometimes more than any other way.

The advantage of participating in events is, you can complete the missions faster. When you play in normal mode, the pace remains slow, while in events, the pace increases considerably. You may even get 10x spins and coins when you are participating in events. You may also get rare items like diamond or ice-cream at these events.

The event games are fast-paced and maybe slightly more complicated than the regular games. You can continue to play, and slowly your experience and expertise will improve. Then you will see more chances in getting spins and coins.

  • Be patient

Many players do not realize that there is a threshold of spins that every player can use each day. A player can hold only 50 spins at any given time. Even if you get more spins or gifts, you cannot hold the same in your account as you cannot exceed 50 spins at a time in the account. You get five free spins every hour; hence you will reach the maximum limit of 50 every ten hours, even without taking the extra spins.

A great idea would be to spend some of the coins every few hours. When you spend more, you create space to store new coins. You can earn huge rewards when you spend more coins and get free spins, and this is one sure-shot way of staying at the top of the leaderboard.

  • Go up the leaderboard.

This brings us to the next point. You can play more, and with that, your level goes up on the leaderboard. Which means the construction of the village level also goes up. It would be best if you played using carefully planned moves. The purchases and improvements of buildings cost considerable gold, but it will give you a chance to get more free spins. The more you play, the more you earn and move up the levels; you will get more free spins.

Now experienced players know that they have a better reward system in place once they reach the Boom village level. It would be best to buy more chests (you will find the details on our website) and invest the coins to get rare rewards. These include bonuses of rare cards, extra spins, and pet food, etc. Stay on this level a little longer to take full advantage of the enhanced value of these chests. Buy more chests while you are at this level.


If you play Coin Master and search for details to go ahead in the game, you may be aware of its popularity. The game has many unique features in the adventure category games.

The game developer – Moon Active – also provides links regularly. These lead us to collect free cards daily. More cards help you to get more spins from the daily menu.

These cards are kept in a chest in the game. You can get these cards by opening the chests, which are in turn bought using coins. All the rewards in the game are intertwined and depend on each other.

The cards have different themes, with nine cards in each pack. You can buy any card using the coins, but it is essential to buy different cards and complete a series. Then you will be able to get your hands on the bigger rewards of bonuses, free spins and pets, and more coins.

Let us see more about cards and chests.

  • Card Collection- This game has many different types of reward systems. One of these is the card collection system. There are many cards and collections of cards too. These cards have value in terms of rewards that they bring to the players.
  • You buy chests using coins.
  • You get cards from these chests.

The different types of chests in Coin Master Game:

  • Magical Chest

The most expensive chest in the game provides 8 cards when opened. The cards may be random, but this chest brings more golden cards than any other chest.

  • Golden Chest

Very reasonably priced and cheaper than the magical chest. It comes with 4 cards for the players. The cards may be of any color or value.

  • Wooden Chest

This chest is the cheapest in the game. You will find 2 cards when you open this chest. The cards may be the same as what you already have or new ones. Every time you go to a new place, you may get a Wooden Chest. It will contain the minimum number of cards- 2 as always.

The prices of these chests in terms of the game coins are different at each game and village level. You may get the same cards from other chests, but some cards are locked with certain villages or levels in the game. In order to do that, you have to complete the level and set of cards before unlocking the levels or upgrade to the next level. You may want to buy chests to complete a set of cards. The point is to combine all the game elements as these cards will be locked in the chest and cannot be deployed until you reach some milestones.

You might also get Pet Snacks or bonus Spins.

Specific event for getting more cards

Cards Boom is a specific event that helps you get 50% more cards in every chest when the event is on. You may get up to 12 cards from a magical chest, while you get 3 cards from the wooden chest. It significantly helps you increase your card and coin tally.

Some great tricks to win big surprises in the game

  • Viking Quest in Coin Master

A very popular event in this game that is easy initially and then picks up speed and becomes very competitive. You can win big time in this if you stay cool during the event.

The first few rounds are easy and slow, so play without any pressure and win the coins as much as you can. Five levels, in the beginning, may help you maintain the speed, and you can get coins on the bonus wheel very easily. You have to be more careful from the sixth level onwards. You cannot bet randomly, as you may also end up losing whatever you have won so far.

Stay very calm while betting in these rounds now. Bet on lower numbers to be safe and then slowly raise your stakes. You need to combine the numbers with the number of spins as well. For example, you can bet at 2,000,000 and 10 or 20 spins depending on your balance and risk-taking attitude. You may win big time with a combination of spins and betting amount.

  • The Trick to alternate between Slot Machine & Bonus Wheel

A small trick that many expert players know that helps you to win Viking Quest easily. You can use the slot machine and bonus wheel in turns. You can try the slot machine first, then come back to the bonus wheel. Do not bet a lot and try to use medium or moderate amounts. If you spin and win some bonuses, then only raise the bet and spin again. But you can always come back to the slot if you start losing.

One thing to keep in mind is that the slot and spinning mechanisms are entirely automated and have a unique algorithm. Nothing can be predicted about the number of coins or spins that you can win. The algorithms keep changing the pattern of wins, and that is why you cannot predict how much you can every time you spin.

  • Cards and chest combination

The more expensive chests may have higher quality cards, as you already know. Understand the combination of cards and chests. Sometimes you may need cards with a lower level to complete a particular obstacle in the game to move forward. Then, you have to invest in the right chest and cards combination.

  • Be a leader with your pet!

Yes, every player wants to be on the leaderboard and at the top too. The pets can help you here. When you attack any town in the game, then use your pets. It will help you get larger rewards, which means many tokens and prizes when you win over other villages. Take your pet along while raiding the next village. You can accumulate huge amounts of coins, and your foxy will be a great help in that.

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  • Coinmaster baby Account

Yet another trick that not many players know of. Create a second account in the game, gift and exchange coins between the main account and a smaller secondary one. Ideally speaking you should have different accounts in the game, this will allow you to attack and raid the two accounts yourself and bet more. You win the attack and win extra spins and coins.


The game has managed to keep people hooked for a long time, by holding the excitement of players at each level. It is a gamechanger in terms of technology and graphics. We try to keep up with all the new events and ways so that you can get more spins and coins. Our website is constantly updated and has many rewards and free spins waiting for you all the time.

Do check the website regularly and take advantage of these free spins. You don’t want to lose any chance to beat the enemies and be the number one on the leaderboard.