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Community Bingo Center is dedicated to all

New Hampshire Charities!

No consulting fees are charged to the charities to operate, allowing each organization to make as much profit as possible to help the people needing assistance in this area

Current charities include:

American Legion

Jutras Post #43

UpReach Therapeutic

Riding Center

Knights of Columbus

Marion Gerrish Community Center


Saint Francis of Assisi

For the comfort of both the smoker and non-smoker, the hall has a completely separate and fully enclosed smoking section.

At Community Thread, our mission is to improve the quality of life for adults and their families in our local community. Each year we receive over 13,000 visits from community members. These visitors attend programs and activities at our centers, volunteer, obtain free tax preparation assistance, and use our space for community meetings. May 7, 2014 - Community Signs Bingo! A fun and functional game that strengthens students' matching skills while teaching them about important safety and community signs. This set is an extension of our popular Four Community Signs File Folder Activities and Community and Safety Signs.

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Community safety signs printable

Free Printable Road Sign Bingo

With Bingo Card Template you can:

Free Printable Community Signs Worksheets

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